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City of Toronto, Accessing City Hall - council, by-laws and notices.
City of Mississauga, Office of the City Clerk - by-laws.






new City-wide Zoning By-law
City of TORONTO, May 2013

  The new City-wide Zoning By-law was enacted on May 9, 2013. It may be appealed under section 34(19) of the Planning Act. Even though it is appealed, the City's Chief Building Official and the Committee of Adjustment will apply the new by-law to applications filed after its enactment...
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Streamline site plan process: Ontario architects
11 December 2013: OAA News

  Ontario’s inconsistently applied site plan process is causing confusion and frustration for applicants, who are concerned about the amount of time it takes to obtain site plan approval and the associated costs, according to a recent review commissioned by the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA).
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